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Get Involved

For all that horses have given to us, let's work together to help them.

It takes a village to heal a horse... join us!

Please Give

We need your financial support so we can maintain and expand the ranch to care for our rescued horses, provide them with nourishing food, and treat their injuries.

Your financial contribution will provide hay, water buckets, stall mats, supplements, horse blankets and gear, farm equipment, building materials, work tools for barn repairs, fencing materials, farrier services, and ongoing veterinary services.



Caring for the land and for horses is good for the soul. Spend time working on our sanctuary farm with our beautiful horses, while experiencing the healing benefits of the horses, as part of our Ranchstay Program. Learn more. 

Sponser a friend

Sponsor A Friend

Sponsor your special soul horse with monthly donations and supplies, and earn points towards a free healing retreat with your soul horse at the beautiful

Hidden Buddha Healing Centre.

Contact us for more information.

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