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Rescuing Horses to Heal The World

We know first-hand that uniting horses and humans in love

is mutually and exponentially healing and transformative.

We Rescue Horses
from Slaughter

Horse slaughter is a billion-dollar business that is completely unnecessary. Hundreds of thousands of horses around the world are needlessly slaughtered each year. Many are sent to kill lots when they are deemed no longer useful to humans for labour, entertainment, or recreation.


We feel we have a responsibility to help as many horses as possible, so that they may live their birthright of peace and happiness.

To learn more about horse slaughter:


Watch the documentary "Equine Destiny"

Watch "The Dark Side of Australia's Horse Race Industry"

Watch "Platinum Ticket's Final Ride"


We Know the Healing Power of Horses

At our ranch rescued horses are given the opportunity to shine their light as healers, as Pillars of Light, for humans and the world. We are in a time of great healing and transformation. The incredible love and light of horses is needed now, more than any time in history.


The power of horses to heal has been scientifically studied by the Heart-Math Institute, revealing that the electromagnetic field of a horse's heart is 5 times greater than that of a human’s heart. Simply standing beside a horse brings many documented health benefits to humans.​


Accordingly, every horse that is saved from slaughter and is given an opportunity to heal has the ability to heal 5 humans; 10 horses saved, 50 humans healed; 100 horses saved, 500 humans healed; 100,000 horses saved, 500,000 humans healed; 1,000,000 million horses saved, 5,000,000 humans healed - all from the simple act of saving horses from slaughter and allowing them to live in peace.

We Unite Humans & Horses for Healing

We recognize horses as sentient, spiritual beings who are here to teach us and help us grow and evolve. Horses have always assisted humans in their own evolution, from ploughing fields for planting crops and farm work, to transportation, wars and recreational activities. At Apona Healing Ranch, horses continue to help humans evolve through heart-centered healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Learn more about our Equine-Assisted Therapy and Healing Retreats.

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